Wolf Eyes X-beam White/Red LED torch kit

Wolf Eyes X-beam White/Red LED torch kit

Lumens: 579 lumens white
Throw: 150 metres
Length: 170 mm
Beam Type: Aspheric – spot adjustable to flood

The X-Beam Red is quite a unique torch, not only does it have two separate LEDs in it, but it has a lever to move the LEDs into and out of the perfect optical position within the torch. This way you have a torch with exactly the LED you need in it, at the right time. The reason two LEDs are needed is because LEDs only produce light in a narrow wavelength (hence why they are so efficient on batteries), if you put a say Red filter over the White LED you would receive little Red out the front, as the White LED produces little in that wavelength. Filters work by holding back all but the desired wavelength, not by converting other wavelengths. This is the reason the X-Beam torch was developed, two LEDs give you good light in both wavelengths. A single say red LED torch (or white LED torch) really only allows light in that wavelength.

Red has traditionally been the colour used for foxes or similar.

We are finding we have a number of clients who obtain the Red X-Beam torch for observing animals. We supply the red/white LED X-Beam torch to a number of zoos for both staff use and their night tours, we supply private individuals for observation and also wildlife photographers who use red LED for observation then quickly switch to the white LED to allow their long telephoto lenses to focus.


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