Inner Core Neoprene Rifle Protector Camo IH250

Inner Core Neoprene Rifle Protector Camo IH250

SKU: 610696087768

Camouflage Rifle Protector

  • Fits most modern rifles
  • Doesn't affect the function of a firearm
  • 4.5mm neoprene material
  • 68cm long x 14cm high

Heavy-duty neoprene sleeve protects your gun from damage, add shooting comfort, and reduce glare. Vastly superior to sticky tape or other cheaper elastic covers. The fabric securely grips to your gun and provides shock-absorbing relief. Feel confident during your next hunt when trekking to your blind or setting your gun down at the range where damage can occur. The neoprene absorbs the bumps to prevent dings and keeps your firearm looking sharp.  If you are serious about protecting your gun - then this is the sleeve for you.


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