Champion Ear Muffs Electronic Vanquish Grey 22DB CH40978

Champion Ear Muffs Electronic Vanquish Grey 22DB CH40978

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Champion Vanquish Electronic Hearing Protection was designed from the ground up for the shooting sports. Each muff was acoustically modelled on gunshot reports to achieve the optimal balance of all day comfort and noise reduction.

This model features Safe Level Sound Compression Technology with a refresh time <1ms. Two Full Dynamic Range HD speakers ensure everything you hear is crystal clear. Omnidirectional microphones pick up everything around you, giving a natural sound while minimising wind noises.

In addition a long 200 hour runtime and 3 hour auto shutoff feature ensures they'll always be working when you need them.


  • Safe Level Sound Compression Technology
  • Acoustic Foam for All Day Comfort
  • Sound Refresh Time <1ms
  • 2x Full Dynamic Range High Definition Speakers
  • 2x Omnidirectional Microphones
  • 3x Amplification
  • 200-Hour Runtime
  • 3 Hour Automatic Shut Off
  • AAA Batteries Included
  • One year warranty

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