Beretta 690 III Sporting 12g 30"


The Beretta 690 III Sporting looks set to soon take its perch as the world's most popular shotgun in its price range. It comes with Steelium barrels which withstand deterioration under constant firing and Beretta's OptimaChoke® HP system delivers perfect pattern consistency. Highest-grade wood, 2.5+, in its category and elaborate engraving makes the 690 III stand out in the field or at the range. Redesigned locking system is stronger without altering action height.
Precision balanced and lightweight; the 690 III is a pleasure to carry and shoot.


Calibre: 12ga 


  • Chamber: 3" 
  • Rib: 10x8 
  • Chokes: OCHPx5 
  • Barrel Length: 30"

Shop Tag: L028


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