Akkar Churchill 30" Sporter Ejector - Two week rental

Akkar Churchill Under/Over 30" Sporter Ejector

Retail Price: $995

Firearm Rental - Try Before you Buy (Guaranteed buy back program)


Cost of Firearm Package Rental $199 for two weeks

$100 per week there after is incurred if not returned in two weeks. Additional weeks rental is an automatic addition to the cost if not returned by close of business on specified return date and no extensions will be granted to return dates.
Permit to Acquire additional $15.00 per Firearm.

Full payment to retail value of firearm package required, refund on return less rental calculation.

Valid Victorian Firearms License and Permit to Acquire Required. The firearm will be transferred into the customer's name and therefore be registered to them. From this point at pickup, the

customer owns the firearm in full for the period of rental. On return to Sunbury Firearm Supplies it will be acquired back onto Sunbury Firearm Supplies dealer licence.

Minimal wear and tear accepted, scratches or damage etc will incur fee on a case by case basis, firearm to be returned to store clean and oiled, free of dirt and rust. Sunbury Firearm Supplies retains the right to deduct a cleaning charge of $50 if firearm not returned in original condition.

Factory ammunition to be used in firearm, use of reloaded ammunition will void refund agreement.

Firearm may or may not be sighted in, due to variance of ammunition brands used.

Ammunition is not included with the standard rental fee of $199.00

All items and accessories delivered with firearm must be returned, if items are missing a penalty of retail value of the part / accessory will be deducted from refund.

Any issues from misuse/ illegal acts/ accidents/theft/Malfunction of firearm or user error are not the responsibility of Sunbury Firearm Supplies. Any and all situations that involve this firearm are entirely the responsibility of the Renter/Customer/Purchaser. Renter owns and is responsible for the firearm during the rental period and must comply with all relevant firearm laws.

Rental funds will be refunded via bank transfer to the customer regardless of method of payment.

Rental return agreement only on specific selection of firearms, does not apply to any other firearm sale.


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    All prices are subject to change (STC) due to fluctuation in the Australian Dollar as most items are imported. This also includes items which were ordered and were delivered at a higher cost than at the time of quotation.

    Refunds are available where quotation price cannot be maintained due to price increases, (whether it be from supplier or as a direct result of cost increases of imported items).

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